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10 Man Mists Progression
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Lei Shen

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Sha of Fear

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Sha of Fear





Before you fill out this application, please bear the following in mind:
This application along with your armory page is all the information we have to go on who you are as a person and a player. We do check for verification of claims you make in your application, but this is your chance to tell us why you belong in our guild. If you do not put effort in to this application we will assume you will not put effort into playing as a member of our guild either. The bottom line is this: If you don't care about your own app, why should we care about you?

Additionally we understand that our application form is a bit long, but it is our view that if you cant handle something as simple as an application form, then you wont be able to handle the content either.

Finally, Titan primarily chooses applicants based on their application form. We do have interviews as well but that is mostly just to answer any questions that an accepted app may have before officially joining our guild as a trial member. So, if your application sucks, we wont recruit you.

Account Name on This Website:
(Replies to your application will be sent to you on this website to the name you provide here)

Character name:

Character race:

Character class:

What is your prefered role?

Character's /played time:

Is this character currently on Blackhand?

Do you have any serious alts?

Do you follow directions?
Do you have Ventrilo?
Do speak on ventrilo?
List your character's current talent build. How did you come to choose this build?

What Glyphs did you choose to use with this build? Why did you select these Glyphs?
Do you ever use different Glyphs? If so, when/why do you change?

Describe the strengths and weaknesses of your class.

Raid Utility Mega Question:
  • Do you have any issues with doing things vital to beating encounters that could lower your dps/healing/etc?
  • Do you have experience in the past of being the member of your class called upon to do things such as, deviate from main target to misdirect or TotT, counter spell or spell steal, purge or dispell?
  • Do you feel these responsibilities should be relegated to the same individual constantly or rotated among members of a class?
  • Should you be held accountable for doing these things poorly if your dps/healing is better than other members of your class?

What mods do you use specifically for raiding? What do they do for you?

Qualify your skill level. Not your experience, but your skill. How good are you really at this game? Please don't exaggerate or downplay yourself; be honest.

When bad things happen during a raid, how do you figure out what happened to you, how to avoid it next time, or how to adapt to do better? What tools or information do you use to help you figure these things out?

What do you view as the most challenging aspects of PvE raiding?

Will Bane be able to play your character/class better than you can? How do you know?
(If you don't know who Bane is, it may be wise to find out.)

Provide a link to your Character's Armory.

Please provide a link to a screenshot of your UI during a normal raid.

Personal Information
Your age:

Do you think Age has anything to do with raiding?

Why do you raid?

Blackhand is a US-Central time server (GMT -6). What timezone are you playing from?

List the time you are available to raid. Please list time as Blackhand Server Time.
Mon: to:
Tue: to:
Wed: to:
Thu: to:
Fri: to:
Sat: to:
Sun: to:
Tell us why you want to join Titan.

Tell us why Titan should recruit you.

Are you considering any other guilds? Which ones and why?

List your history with any previous guilds and your previous raiding experience? Please include any Pre-BC, BC, and WotLK experience.

Describe the ideal guild for you.

If accepted for a trial period or eventually become a member of Titan, what would cause you to quit and why?

List the current Titan members you know and what you think of them.

Do you have any current or near-future commitments that might require you to be late for raids or leave early?

How did you hear about Titan?

Feel free to add additional comments.